November 28th, 2015

STEM Program Information Here!

The following documents include information on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Programs in the Bahamas.  Please click on the documents highlighted in blue.


The Rotary International Engineering Scholarship Program in the Bahamas is chaired by Mr. Dennis Knowles.  The SECME program, a pre-college alliance initiative, is also managed by Mr. Knowles.  He can be reached by emailing: dlknowles@microtech-bs.net.

Rotary International Engineering Scholarship Program

SECME Info 2015  



The Mission of The Bahamas LEGO® Challenge is to provide opportunities for students to engage in fun-filled experiential learning, that will result in the development of a love for science and technology.   Through this Challenge, students will develop their creativity and learn to value diversity, in all of its dimensions, while building life-long skills (e.g. team building, leadership and embracing change).  Ms. Laurena Finlayson is the Program Director.  She can be reached by emailing: bahamaslego@coralwave.com.

The Bahamas LEGO Challenge, Coaches, 2016

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BSE Monthly Luncheon Meeting - Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Monthly Luncheon Meetings are generally held on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

  • Location: Luciano's of Chicago, East Bay Street - (242) 323-7770

  • Time:  12:00p.m. – 1:15p.m.

Please CONTACT US for more information on this event or information on becoming a LUNCHEON SPEAKER OR SPONSOR.


Each year, the organization holds the annual general membership meeting to inform the membership of things going on in the Society and to make changes in the organization through the electoral process.  Every other year, a new Board is elected and ratified at this meeting.  The next Executive Board elections are scheduled to take place in October 2015.


The Extraordinary General Membership Meeting was held on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 in the Training Room of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) located in Big Pond.  The purpose of the meeting was to vote for the adoption of the 2012 BSE Articles of Association to replace the 2002 BSE Articles of Association.

There were twenty-eight (28) votes cast altogether inclusive of both persons in attendance at the meeting and proxy votes received.  The votes cast met the requirements to make the change.  BSE representative Attorney Carol Misiewicz was present to oversee the proceedings of the meeting.  As such, please note that all matters arising within the BSE will be governed by the contents of the 2012 BSE Articles of Association.  A copy of the amended Articles of Association (March 2012)  can be found below:

 BSE Amendment of Articles of Association - March 2012

Each year, the organization plans and hosts an annual day trip to visit its BSE Freeport Members.   This year, the trip has been extended to (2) two intense days of meetings, networking and informational sessions and industrial tours.  This meeting will include engineering presentations, tours to several industrial sites and informative luncheon meetings with interesting guest speakers.

Please contact the BSE (admin@bahamasengineers.org) for more information on travel costs for those coming from other islands to participate.  All members and friends of the Society are invited to attend this awesome event!
The Milestone News Archive provides an overview of monumental events that took place with the Bahamas Society of Engineers (BSE) since its inception in 1998.  The organization has come a long way and continues to increase its membership and its benefits to the engineering community.

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  • Scholarship Fund Update

The Peter Gordon Scholarship Fund initial seed money ($40,000) was turned over to College of the Bahamas for management and administration.

  • Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF)

The BSE sponsored and participated in the 2nd annual Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum that took place on October 13th-15th at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island.  The 2011 CREF conference will be held in Barbados. 

  • BSE Conference

 The 1st BSE Engineering, Planning and Design Conference and Awards Luncheon was held at the Sheraton Cable Beach Resort on December 3rd 2010.  The conference was a one day event and included informative business and professional development workshops.

  • Monthly Meetings

The year 2007 opened with the monthly BSE membership luncheon.  The guest speaker for the luncheon was the Hon. Vincent Peet, MP, Minister of Financial Services & Investments and his talk focused on the Opportunities for Engineers in 2007.


  • Professional Engineer’s Board

The year 2006 was the landmark establishment of the Professional Engineer’s Board in the Bahamas.

  • BSE Workshops

The organization participated in and completed the first in a series of Professional Engineering Workshops.

The BSE also participated in Certified Workshops on the Canadian Electrical Code.

  • BSE Activities

The BSE had active participation on many National Committees & Consultations as well as various public relations initiatives, and membership recruitments.

  • BSE Operations Revised

BSE established a new office with a part-time office administrator and set-up Standard Operating Procedures in order to provide better service to the membership.

  • Courtesy Calls

BSE made courtesy calls on the Ministers of Housing and Financial Investments during this period.

  • Engineers Bill Passed

In May 2004, the BSE received confirmation from the Minister of Works and the Senate that the Engineer’s Bill had been passed with the Amendments that were recommended by the BSE.  The Engineers Bill was signed into law and made effective August 2004.

  • Position Papers Published

BSE produced and circulated various Position Papers, the majority of which were on issues related to the Engineer’s Bill.  The organization also revised the paper on Plan Stamping and produced new papers on Capacity Building in the Local Engineering Sector and Foreign Direct Investments.  The organization was still working on the Drafts for Drainage and Energy Usage at this time.

  • Special Luncheon hosted by Kerzner International

BSE continued to lobby for increased involvement of Bahamian Engineers in major projects.  In this regard, Kerzner International responded and was thanked for hosting BSE Members to a special luncheon at the One & Only where plans of their expansion at that time were revealed.  This jump started the process for increased participation and increased working relationships.

  • BSE Participation

BSE has remained active in various trade shows and Technology Fairs as well as a special forum to discuss the promotion of Science.

  • Engineers Bill Update

The Engineer’s Bill was unanimously passed in the Lower House of Assembly on September 24th, 2003.

  • Membership Update

The Society saw a membership growth of approximately 40%.  The membership totaled (150) persons at the end of this year.

  • Monthly Meetings

Monthly luncheons continued to be held. These included speeches from the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Financial Services, BTC, NEMA, The Island School, The Developers of Cotton Bay, and others.   Average luncheon attendance was approximately (35) persons.  

  • National Emergency Response Initiative

BSE played a major role in the national emergency response initiative. More than (20) members of BSE volunteered their time and experience to assist with the initial damage assessment for the numerous hurricanes.


  • BSE Monthly Meetings

The year opened with Governor of the Central Bank of The Bahamas addressing the group on “The State of the Bahamian Economy.”  Other guest speakers at the luncheons included the Minister of Works, the Parliamentary Secretary, The Ministry of Financial Investments and Senator Trevor Whylly.

  • Professional Engineer Registration

BSE continues to lobby for Engineering Registration.

  • BSE Professional Forums

BSE participated in the Women in Science & Technology, the Bahamas Association for Career and Technical Educators (BACTE) and the New Plumbers Permit Seminars. BSE also participated in the History Pays Workshop, The Construction Seminar Group initiatives, various WTO, FTAA, and CSME Workshops and meetings, the Annual Caribbean Water & Wastewater Association Conference and the Bahamas Home & Building Show.

  • General Elections

Elections were held in the country and BSE member and Engineer John Carey was honorably elected to the House of Assembly.

  • COB Social Event

BSE organized a social event for students of the College of The Bahamas. At this event members from BSE were able to interact with the students and provide them with information on BSE and the Engineering Profession in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • School Career’s Day

The Public Relations Committee of BSE launched its school career’s day campaign during this year. As a result of this campaign BSE members visited various local high schools to inform students about careers in the Engineering Profession.

  • Engineering Forums

The Engineering Forum, which was the brainchild of BSE, was hosted by the MOPW.  The BSE participated in this lively debate on the Engineer’s Bill along with Engineers representing the Ministry of Public Works, Public Corporations, Engineers from Grand Bahama and the Bahamas Institution of Professional Engineers. It is from this meeting that the current draft of the Engineer’s Bill was formulated.

  • Agreement with the CSCE

The BSE signed an Agreement of Cooperation with the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) at the CSCE’s annual conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

  • Second Annual Freeport Trip

The BSE held its second annual meeting in Grand Bahama this year.  This entailed site visits and a luncheon with guest speaker the Hon. Kenneth Russell, M.P.  who was currently the Minister responsible for Public Works.  The Minister addressed the group on the Draft Legislation for the Registration of Engineers.

  • Engineers Bill

Lobby letters were issued to Members of Parliament, Ministers of Government and Senators to encourage support for the Proposed Engineer’s Bill.  Panel discussions were held with young candidates representing the three major parties to pledge their parties’ support for the Proposed Bill.

  • Freeport Annual Trip

The first Annual Trip to Grand Bahama was organized this year. Thirteen BSE members went to various sites of interest during this trip including a luncheon and a tour of the Our Lucaya Resort that was under construction at the time.

  • Officer Elections

The second election of officers was held and the following persons were elected to serve for the 2000-2002 term:

  • President - Sonia Brown

  • Vice President - Kevin Basden

  • Secretary - Gregory Stubbs

  • Treasurer - Cadrington Coleby

  • Directors -  DeCosta Bethel, Dwight King, Nicholas Dean, Damian Francis, DuWaine Edwards, Cyprian Gibson, *Keith Bishop (Elected to replace DeCosta Bethel who stepped down during the term.

  • Installation Banquet

The Second Installation banquet was held where the newly elected board was installed along with twelve new members.

  • Engineering Bill Meeting

BSE wrote Minister Knowles (Minister of Works at the time) to request that the MOPW host a meeting to discuss the proposed Engineering Bill. The purpose of this meeting was to bring together all of the representatives and stakeholders for the Bill and reach an agreement on the content of the proposed legislation.
1998 – 1999

  • BSE Organization Formed

The new engineering body, the Bahamas Society of Engineers was formed and the first election of BSE officers was held on June 24, 2008.  The following persons served on the first board of the BSE:

  • President – Hammond Rahming

  • Vice President – DeCosta Bethel

  • Secretary - Peter Gordon

  • Assistant Secretary – Sonia Brown

  • Treasurer – Adrian Rollins

  • Directors -  Kevin Basden, Melanie Roach, Patrick Hanna, Dwight King, Lambert Knowles, Carleton Blair and Racquel Greene

  • BSE Constitution

Within a few months of being formed, the BSE Constitution was drafted and ratified by its current board and membership.

  • Membership Numbers

In the first year of being formed, the BSE membership registry consisted of about fifty (50) persons. 

  • First Installation Banquet

The first Biannual Installation Banquet was held in 1998 and the newly elected board was installed.

  • First Honorary MembersThe first group of Honorary Members was inducted into the organization at the Biannual Installation Banquet and included the following persons: 

    • Ivern Davis

    • Peter I. Bethel

    •  Calvin Cooper

    • John Steer


  • Monthly Meetings Instituted

The organization began holding monthly meetings for the membership in its first year.

  • Annual Field Trips

The organization started planning educational field trips to sites for its members.  The following sites were visited:

The “New” Paradise Island Bridge Construction

Phase II Atlantis Construction

Reverse Osmosis plant

BEC Expansion at Clifton Pier  

  • Courtesy Calls

The Society began making Courtesy Calls to Government Officials.  The following Minister’s, Public Officials and Business Institutions were visited during this time:

  • Minister of Public Works, Hon. James Knowles, M.P.

  • Publisher of Nassau Guardian

  • General Manager of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation

  • General Manager of the Water & Sewerage Corporation

  • General Manager of the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation


  • BSE Initial Interest Meeting

A Steering committee was established to begin discussions on creating a voice in the community for Engineers.